12.Linda Winton(non-registered)
You definately have the "eye"; your photos are inspiring. Thank you for sharing them with us.
11.Alan Kelly(non-registered)
Tom, nice web site and beautiful pictures. Many of the places you have been are on our list.
These pictures make me want to start planning.
10.Dick Carpenter(non-registered)
These are excellent Tom! I'm anxious to start planning my own trip to Alaska.
9.Brian Hughitt(non-registered)
I'M SO JEALOUS! ...of all the super-beautiful places you travel to and awesome shots you're able to get! Quality work. Keep it up!
8.Maureen Gilmore(non-registered)
Amazing simply amazing Tom!
7.Joe Damboise(non-registered)
Great shots, makes me want to head to all those places. The Grizzly shots are especially impressive.
6.Greg C(non-registered)
Awesome pictures, just as if I was there along for the trip. Look forward to browsing more.
5.Maureen Buckley(non-registered)
Hi Tom - I'm so pleased you have a website to share your photography! We're the lucky ones ... beautiful photo's with just one click. You're officially on my favorite website list!
4.John Demos(non-registered)

Beautiful photographs!
3.Holly Gilmore(non-registered)
Wow! I wouldn't mind a show to purchase a few of those!!! Nice work. Love the 3 bears. (the photo, not the story ;)
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