• The inspiration for my photography comes from Galen Rowell--mountaineer and photographer. Early in his life, he became an accomplished rock climber and only later took up photography as a profession. In his words:

    I began photography, not as a journalistic observer of events, but as a direct participant…my experiences in wild places were imprinting me with the most powerful memories of my life, memories that were difficult to share with people who hadn’t been there. My original goal was simply…to create images that would facilitate my sharing.1

  • I hiked the White Mountains in New Hampshire for many years with just a point and shoot camera. Then I traveled to Alaska to go backpacking and rafting in the Brooks Range, which stretches East to West across the Alaskan Arctic. The bush plane dropped us into a vast, unspoiled wilderness for two weeks. When I returned home and showed my photos, I had to footnote my comments with, “I’m sorry but these snapshots really don’t capture the true beauty and feeling of that huge unspoiled wilderness.” I made a promise to myself that I would buy an appropriate camera and learn how to use it before my next trip into the wilderness. I bought my first SLR and completed a couple of local adult education photography courses; then I completed my Certificate in Photography at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Since that first trip to the Alaskan Arctic, I’ve photographed in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; Baffin Island, Canada; Greenland; Finland; and St. Petersburg, Russia; as well as the mountains and coasts of Maine and New Hampshire.

  • 1Mountain Light, In Search of the Dynamic Landscape, 2nd edition, by Galen Rowell, Sierra Club Books, San Francisco, 1995, p. 28